Client Quotes

start quoteLinda Meyer is a top notch mediator. Powerful, dynamic, funny and compassionate, she navigates effortlessly through the minefield of conflict, skillfully moving everyone to resolution.end quote

start quoteMediators are not all the same. Some are really nice people but cannot deal with the conflict required to settle cases. Others can broker settlements but have no concept of how to deal with people. Linda is one of the few mediators that I would want to handle a dispute involving a complex business or personal component, not just because of her demonstrated record of success, but because she is able to deal with difficult attorneys and clients while also treating them with dignity and respect.end quote

start quoteLinda cuts to the essence of each case with enthusiasm, empathy and commitment. Her unrelenting positive approach creates a climate where settlement is not only possible but almost inevitable. Linda practices mediation in a class by herself combining her many skills in a rare blend of wisdom, humor and artful persuasion.end quote

start quoteOne of the original mediators in Los Angeles, Linda Meyer is still at the top of her game. I have used Linda to mediate Commercial, Employment, Wage and Hour cases, and regardless of the subject matter, I find that my clients are uniformly impressed with her ability to articulate each side’s concerns and manage even the fiercest interpersonal conflicts with firmness and equanimity. In addition to being a master at working with people, she is a genuine, caring, hard-working and tenacious mediator who is extremely well-regarded in the field.end quote

start quoteAs a trial lawyer handling many complex cases involving employment discrimination, commercial disputes and insurance bad faith, I have found Linda Meyer to be the most effective mediator practicing this art. Not only does she understand the issues completely, she also has a very accurate sense of how case facts will influence juries. Her ability to allow both sides to see their strengths and weaknesses in a very friendly, interactive and personable manner underscores why she is so successful at reaching amicable resolutions between parties in complex cases.end quote

start quoteLinda Meyer is extremely talented at helping parties to come to a settlement which reflects the legal risk of the case. She knows the law, knows people, and deals with both sides with integrity, honesty and humor. My clients always leave the process telling me they felt they were in the hands of a true master of her craft.end quote

start quoteLinda is a tireless worker. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get a case settled. It is impossible to mediate a case with Linda and not be impressed by her intelligence, empathy and direct approach to conflict. There are very few mediators that bring her skill set to the table and even fewer that can settle the most difficult cases while making it look effortless.end quote

start quoteLinda involves clients in the mediation process to a much greater extent than other mediators with whom I have worked. I believe her approach in that regard contributes significantly to her overall success in resolving disputes and, more importantly, leaves clients feeling that they have participated meaningfully in the process. She is simply the best at what she does.end quote

start quoteSmart, passionate and able to cut to the chase, Linda Meyer is one of the most efficient and talented mediators I have ever worked with.end quote