Trial Consulting

Linda Meyer understands the hidden motivations and variety of emotional reactions inherent in all types of human conflict. A natural outgrowth of her work as a mediator, Linda has started offering her clients her expertise in trial preparation, assisting trial lawyers with a neutral assessment of the case's jury appeal, including its tangible and intangible factors and considerations. Trial lawyers, both Plaintiff and Defense, have tapped into Linda's talents in this area, privately consulting with her for a neutral evaluation of the impact of different case strategies on juries, the most effective way to manage reactions to difficult pieces of evidence and the crafting of opening and closing arguments which frame the case so that it is convincing from an empathetic and emotional perspective, not just a legal one.

start quoteLinda is the best one person focus group on the planet. She can help you see your case from a different perspective and most importantly from a juror's perspective, providing feedback as to what works and what doesn't. Working with you to decide what is essential and what is extraneous, Linda is skilled at helping you craft a presentation which is clear, appealing and will resonate with the collective experiences of the jury. A master at understanding the human dynamic and identifying the human factors that will make your case compelling, Linda provides a neutral perspective which highlights the strengths and vulnerabilities of the case, assisting you in addressing the difficulties in your case and presenting them to a jury in a way that allows you to win despite them. There is no one better at helping lawyers elevate their presentation.end quote

Nathan Goldberg, Esq., Partner, Allred Maroko & Goldberg
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Consulting for Organizations and Individuals


Over the years, various companies have hired Linda to manage difficult situations in the workplace and help them create a better working environment which optimizes productivity. She has worked with numerous organizations and their Human Resources Departments to discuss different approaches for dealing with clashing management styles, difficult people and other problematic internal dynamics which need to be addressed in order to create a solid foundation which allows people to grow and organizations to thrive.


In addition to mediating external conflicts in litigated cases and organizations, Linda Meyer works with individuals to facilitate greater understanding of their own internal conflicts in order to prevent them from manifesting externally. Her private clients include individuals who are in the spotlight managing the complexities of fame, negative press and the other stressors associated with being under the scrutiny of the public eye. Working individually or as part of a team with other professionals, Linda uses her own unique blend of empathy, compassion and intimate knowledge of people in conflict to help individuals recognize and manage the underlying issues standing in the way of their personal and professional freedom and potential.